Our Sauce


Habanero Mango Salvation

Hell’s Kitchen’s flagship sauce with sweet mango, honey, orange habaneros and Himalayan pink salt. The perfect balance of heat and flavor!!


West Side Red

Our version of the classic. Red raspberries give a tasty tang that will leave you wanting more!


Undercover Lover

Deep, chocolatey, spicy ancho chiles and smokey poblanos mixed with roasted garlic and clover honey. Holy Mexican Molé!


Retro Jalapeno

Channel your inner rocker with a smooth blend of jalapeño, tomatillo and roasted garlic. It’s Hair Metalicious!


Cinnamon Ghost Punch

A unique blend of hand selected superhot peppers with overtones of savory cinnamon goodness. Deliciously unique…Blazingly craveable! Enjoy with caution…The heat will haunt you!!


Rockin’ Rasta

Scotch bonnets are the cool Caribbean cousin of the Habanero! More citrus, a little less heat…We blend these with coconut milk and CPJ’s Jamaican spice blend to create a sauce that is good as a marinade, table sauce or anything else you can dream up. Mix it with Mayo and a little vinegar to create the best chicken salad you’ve ever had. Taste of de Islands Mon!


Pepper Pastry

Fresh Blueberries, Maple Syrup and fiery Super Hot Peppers make this sauce as versatile as it is interesting. Try it on Pork, Chicken, Steak, Fish or blend it into your favorite smoothie! Top your Ice Cream with a little Pepper Pastry for the most explosive dessert experience you’ve ever had… Its fire and Ice and everything nice!!!


Broadway BBQ

Inspired by BBQ styles from Texas, St. Louis and the Carolinas, this sweet, tangy and slightly spicy hybrid BBQ sauce is a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll! Try it on pulled pork, burgers, french fries, chicken, or ribs. Dinner will be like opening night on Broadway… It’s sure to get a standing ovation!!!


“Fiery Four” Combo Pack

One of each of our four awesome flavors!!! A hot sauce a day keeps the doctor away!


“Sexy Six” Combo Pack

A variety pack of our award winning small batch sauces…. The perfect balance of heat and flavor!!! Buy 6 and save!